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Bergkristall, No Worry

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Dessa stenar är handskurna och polerade för hand.

Storlek: ca. 35-45mm

Kvalité: Hög AA
Ursprung: Brasilien

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No worry sten

No worry sten kallas även för fokuseringssten vilket är precis som namnet avslöjar, en sten för fokus. Stenen är polerad med en plattare form för att enkelt kunna hålla i.

Gnid tummen mot stenen för att tillföra energi, skapa lugn och öka fokusering i ditt liv. Denna sten kan användas lika effektivt vid meditation som att bära med sig under dagen.

Meaning & Properties

Rock crystal is one of the most diverse and powerful healing crystals among all stones. It has a strengthening power and increases both your own energy and intention. It protects you as a user and resists all negativity both within you and around you. It works for an inner calm by removing emotional pains and past traumas that have been negative. By activating and straightening all your chakras, Rock Crystal can create and create an inner balance and stability. To work with your chakras, meditation can be a very good option with this crystal.

Rock crystal also aligns you with your higher self and strengthens the connection with the spiritual world.

It is a very spiritual stone that enhances your spiritual power, can help you in your spiritual development and guide you in the spiritual world.

This crystal strengthens and purifies your aura, and is beneficially used in healing. By programming and directing the crystal at different energy points, you can instantly heal a specific area.

Rock crystal is also said to help with depression and fatigue. It calms stress and anxiety and strengthens your own energy and can help you manifest your inner dreams.


Chakras: All


History & Facts

Rock crystal is a crystal with several names such as Clear Quartz or Crystal Quartz. It consists of Quartz and is colorless but may have inclusions with rainbows in them or "smoky/foggy" interior with white tones. The name of the crystal comes from the Greek word "kristallos" which translates to is, which is also what the stone was previously thought to be. It was assumed that the crystal had formed from frozen water that had permanently frozen into ice.

Rock crystal has been used for several millennia for both healing purposes such as healing and also for spiritual communication (note that these properties are not scientifically proven).

Rock crystal is a very popular stone that can be found in many forms and qualities on the market.



*Stones are a natural material and can therefore vary in shape, shade and clarity. Natural cracks and irregularities may also occur. Please note that the photo is a product pictuor and that the stones vary.


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