To clean and charge crystals:

Always start by cleaning your crystals when you buy them. There may be many who have held the stone and their energies may remain. 

Water and inscense: running tap water, or water from nature if available. Make sure water is not too hot or too cold, as it can damage the crystal. You can even use for example white sage for purification, good for crystals that disolve in water.  Florida water works well to. 

Charging crystals: if you have access to a cluster, you can place the crystal in it to recharge it. You can also bury them in soil, very good if they are tired and drained of energy. Place the crystals in a windowsill to be charged by sun or moonligt. The fullmoon is especially efficient. it also applies for jewelry.  Clean your crystals often, especially when used in healing. 


Programming crystals: 

Crystals and stones can be programmed for a specific purpose.  Before you start programming the crystals make sure they are cleansed and charged. 

There are diffrent ways to program crystals. Visualize, imagine seeing the idea you want the crystal to help you with. Hold your crystal in your hand and breath/blow the thought into your crystal. Ask your angels och guides to help you fill your crystal with its purpose. Your crystal is ready to use.