• Aqua Aura kvarts hängen i äkta silver AAA

  • Ametist klot AAA med regnbågar

  • Äkta Citrin, Polerad

  • Råa Citrin spetsar i storpack AA

  • Citrin Ljuslykta AAA

  • Stichtit trumlade AA

  • Ametist, ljuslykta AA+

  • Andekvarts kluster AAA

  • Schalenblende trumlade

  • Shattuckit Polerade AAA

  • Trumlad Grön Kalcit AA


Welcome to Andekvarts

Here you will find crystals and stones from the whole world, many rare stones in high quality.
We even sell beads, findings, jewelry and inscense and a lot more. 
Very welcome to our crystal world!







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