Sulfur Quartz

Sulfur quartz is a great stone to use for detoxification because it carries a negative charge and helps to absorb and neutralize all negative situations. Due to its delicate yellow color, it works wonderfully on any problem in and around the Solar Plexus or abdominal area. Sulfur helps you clear away any blockages you may have and allows you to open yourself up to find out what is causing your blockages. Once you have identified the blockages, you can release the problems and move on without barriers that prevent you from reaching your true potential. Sulfur is a very "sunny" stone that allows you to see the brighter side of things and by helping you release anger or "hot" feelings you experience. It is good for anyone who has problems with anger management or a quick mood.

Sulfur is a stone that allows you to get in touch with who you really are and discover what your real purpose is during this lifetime. By letting you see this, it helps you to resolve patterns that hold you back and no longer serve a purpose of finding your true purpose and moving forward with a peace that you are going in the right direction.