Skeletal Quartz crystal

Skeletal quartz crystals are crystals with layers in stock, and often inner windows, rainbows, etchings and often double terminated. They are often Elestial Quartz, clear and with high and strong energies.

Skeleton quartz crystals are often formed with a geometric pattern of lines, depressions and raised terminations (related to the quartz crystal structure) etched into their surface. Internally, these crystals exhibit clearly visible voids in geometric patterns (also related to quartz crystal structures) that may contain clay minerals of different colors, sometimes accompanied by carbon dioxide or water. These cavities often have a layered or ribbed aspect and are sometimes so pronounced that the crystal becomes almost hollow, giving rise to the term Skeletal Quartz.

Skeleton Quartz is a wonderful stone to meditate with, it helps you see the whole picture and understand the whole. Allows you to receive messages from the higher sphere and dimensions. It connects you with all the chakras, has a high energy.