Maw Sit Sit

Maw sit sit is a green and black gemstone material that has been confused with jade for hundreds of years. It was once considered a variety of jade because of its similar appearance and physical properties. It was often called "chrome-plated" because of its bright chrome-green color.

Maw sit sit is not a jade. It is a rock consisting mainly of cosmoklor, clinochlor, chromium jadeite and albite, with small amounts of eckermannite, chromite and other minerals.

The frequency of Maw Sit Sit connects to the heart chakra, opens and supports this chakra so that you always have a heart-centered consciousness. The energy in this stone allows you to become emotionally stable, to be able to "go with the flow" of your life experiences. Helps with relationships, including that of yourself. Supportive at all levels and to accept and love yourself for who you really are.