Pink Lemurian Seed quartz

Pink Lemurian Seed crystals are unusual and rarely found, they come from and are found in Brazil between Corinto and Diamantia.

They are a wonderful vibration, which is something really special. Even those who are not so sensitive to crystal energies can experience them.

Only a few of all lemurian crystals are pink. They have a balanced energy, reduce stress. Lemurian Seed crystals, have strong healing energies and are considered to be companion crystals. Their energy works both the crown and heart chakras, which helps you to "see" more clearly. Helps you work towards your personal goals and not only with the emotional and spiritual bodies, but often also the physical ones. Provides mental clarity, helps you find patterns and see truths that lie beneath the surface. opens your mind. Lemurian crystals are perfect during meditation and healing sessions.