Elestial quartz, Smokey Quartz 49x34mm AA+

239 kr
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Product Description:
Price for this beautiful crystal.

Weight: 48gr
Quality: very good
Origin: Brazil

Elestial crystals have a shape consisting of most pyramid / triangle formations. They can look like steps or on top of each other in different patterns. May have etchings and cavities or geometric patterns.

Elestial crystals are powerful crystals, and very useful in healing. Says helps you let go of fear, in unexpected situations, sorrows or in serious illnesses.

A very powerful metaphysical stone, it has a high energy level. Absorbs and transforms negative energy into positive. Said to be a good pain reliever. Offers strong protection against negative energies, energy thieves and malevolent people.

Spiritual awakening and facilitates contact with other spheres.