Code keeper of freedom (Lemurian Roots)

Code Keeper Of Freedom is a unique crystal from Corinto, Minas Gerais in Brazil. Also called Lemurian roots, Mother of Lemurian. They are so-called high energy crystals, they have a very high vibration / frequency, and have an energy that is well suited for Astral travel and ascent to the higher frequencies.

The surface of the crystal is often covered by etchings and codes, but the inside of the crystal is clear, symbolizing our soul and purity.

The crystals have arrived now, only because we are now ready to receive its message. The message is conveyed to its owner and only what that person needs.

Hold the stone against your third and feel how the information slowly fills you. It is transmitted as waves through you.
Increases your consciousness and creates a connection between your consciousness and your spiritual divine self.