Azurite has been called the stone from the sky, azurite is a beautiful stone for the third eye, awakening of psychic abilities. It helps to relieve anxiety, phobias and negative thoughts. Indians used Azurite as a sacred stone to speak to spiritual Indian guides.

Azurite is a loving stone that brings compassion for others. Use to cleanse and throat chatter, encourages you to speak from the heart. Azurit helps to clear blockages especially from throat chakra and third eye chakra, soothes and relieves mental stress.

Feel free to use meditation to clear your head to see and visualize messages that the spirit world is conveying.

Malachite is a balanced stone for abundance, manifestation and intention. Malachite absorbs energy and evokes emotions to the surface. It cleanses and activates all Chakras. An extremely powerful metaphysical rock. Malachite is often called the stone of change used for deep energy cleansing to bring healing and positive transformation to the user.

Malachite amplifies energies of various kinds both positive and negative. Malachite helps the wearer pull out and let go of negative patterns, past trauma and trapped emotions.

It is highly protective and cleans exhaust gases are said to be protected against radioactivity. Malachite can relieve men's pain. It balances all chakras. It is said to be good in the treatment of asthma, arthritis, swollen joints.