Auralite 23

Auralite 23 is only available from Canada and is very rare.
It contains at least 17 of these 23 minerals: titanite cacoxenite, lepidocrocite, aoite, hematite, magnetite, pyrite, goethite, pyrolusite, gold, silver, platinum, nickel, copper, iron, limonite, sphalerite, covellite, chalcopyrite, gialite, epidote bornit and rutile.
Auralite 23 is a rare stone, and is a powerful healing stone for all chakras. Creates a powerful flow of energy around you that operates on different levels. Helps clear away unnecessary energies and karma problems from past lives.
Adds a feeling of deep calm and good feeling. Connect the energies with the higher energies and universal consciousness, which facilitates contact with your spiritual guides.