This stone varies in color from light sky blue to a dark navy, but can also be seen as colorless and transparent. Afghanit was first discovered in 1968 by R. Giraud, F. Cesbron and P. Bariand. They named it after the country they found it in, Afghanistan. It can be specifically traced to the Badakhshan region located in the northeastern corner of the country. Afghanite is commonly found near the Sodalite family of minerals, such as Hackmanite and Lazurite. Chemically, it is very similar to Lazurite and gets its color from the same elements and components.

Afghanite vibrates at a very high frequency that can be felt immediately when touched. These are energies that usually rush towards the third eye and the crown chakra, activating and adapting our most potent chakras. This unified channel has connected you to higher energies and uses your body as a vessel to channel them down to earth. Afghanite activates your unique psychic abilities to help you receive messages from your spiritual guides and guardian angels.