Inscense sticks, White sage & Palo Santo 15gr/fp

29 kr
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Product Description:
Price / fp Native Soul Incense White Salvia & Palo Santo

Manufacturer: Green Tree
Ingredients: Made by hand using only natural ingredients.

Contains: White Salvia and Palo Santo
Burning time: about 20min, never leave unattended, and use a fire-resistant dish.

* In each box, the pins are wrapped in paper and with a feather tied around it.

* The feather are Cruelty free, only fallen feather are used.

Fragrance: has a soft round scent that does not stick in the nose

White sage has been used for centuries by Native Americans for purification and ceremonies. Palo Santo which means sacred wood is often used by shamans for whole body and clean energies. A perfect incense for meditation.