Inscense sticks, White sage & Lavender 15gr/p

29 kr
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Product Description:
Price / box Native Soul incense Salvia & Lavender

Manufacturer: Green Tree
Ingredients: Made by hand using only natural ingredients.

Contains: White Salvia & Lavender 15gr / fp
Burning time: about 20min, never leave unattended, and use a fire-resistant dish.
* The springs are Cruelty free, only fallen feathers are used.

* In each box, the pins are wrapped in paper and with a feather tied around it.

White Salvia is considered sacred to the Indians, who have used it for centuries to remove bad energy, clean and clean places, etc.
Lavender, known as a medicinal plant as well as its power to protect and purify. It is also strongly soothing and creates an emotional balance, opens up the heart chakra and draws on the energies of love.

White sage and lavender together create a perfect combination, aromatic, and a soothing and relaxing environment.