Inscense, sticks Sweetgrass & Yerba Santa 12/Box

249 kr
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Product Description:
Price / box Native Soul Incense Sweetgrass & Yerba Santa

Manufacturer: Green Tree
Ingredients: Made by hand using only natural ingredients.

Contains: Sweetgrass & Yerba 15gr / fp
12 packages/ box
Burning time: about 20min, never leave unattended, and use a fire-resistant dish.

* In each box, the pins are wrapped in paper and with a feather tied around it.

* The springs are Cruelty free, only fallen feather are used.

Fragrance: has a soft vanilla-like scent with a rounding scent from Yerba Santa.

Sweegrass is one of the main ingredients used by Native Americans, most often viewed as a braid, useful for purifying things, ceremonies, areas, human auras and negative energy.
Yerba Santa, means sacred herb is also used in purifying rituals and healing rites, as well as protection and boundary.