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Lapis Lazuli, with garnet Generator crystal 4 arms

Price / pieces Generator / energy crystal in Lapis Lazuli with pointed top and chakra stones on the arms 4 arms and 4 grenades Size: 100x25mm Crystal Generator, or Energy Crystal. A perfect healing tool to energize the entire body in conjunction with healing. Can also be used in meditation to tone the crystal's energy, place one and be opposite the crystal's tips. An energy crystal or generator crystal has 4 or more equal sides that radiate against a pyramid or top. All crystals are unique and individual with their own qualities. The pyramid that radiates in the center reinforces the points pointed where they are needed most. The crystals form an energy generator, can consist of different combinations, in different stones or the same stone throughout. Generator crystals are often used as a tool in meditation, healing and can also charge other crystals. Place energy crystals in your home or work to protect, activate and transform energy. Helps you clear out negative energies. Can advantageously be placed directly on the body during healing work, or as part of Reiki healing. Generator crystals can store, enhance and balance energy flowing through the body. Put the crystal on one of the body's chakra points.

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